New Invoice Template Features (August 2017)

You asked and we listened. Here are two new features we’ve added to Invoice Template.

Currency Symbols

A couple of our international users asked us to move away from currency symbols to ISO codes (e.g. GBP, INR, etc) because their foreign clients had a hard time making sense of the symbols. We’ve now made this change to all 100+ currencies and we hope this makes invoices clearer for you and your customers.

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Five tips for organising your finances in a new business

Starting a new business is exciting. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. There’s lots to juggle, and having well organised finances from the word go is crucial.

Building a client base and ensuring customers are happy can become all absorbing in the early days of a new business. The thrill of success and a rapid, steep growth curve focus the mind into wanting to make the very best of early opportunities to get established.

In this all important phase, financial management can often be put on the back burner. Yet for long-term success, new businesses need good financial management right from the start. Otherwise, getting paid, paying staff and investing in your business becomes difficult.

Here are five things any new business can do to get top class at organising finances from the offset.

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